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SETS Consulting is a coaching and educational service for elite coaches, competitive players and tennis institutions/federations with tactical and technical expertise in the area of professional development, management of career growth and player improvement. Founder and CEO, Kyle LaCroix, brings over 30 years of experience and a portfolio of successful coaches, players and a superior reputation from the sport’s governing bodies. We blend this with a unique, engaging approach, merging human connection and decades of personal and professional acumen that will set you up to set you apart.

What SETS Us Apart

Why choose SETS Consulting?

30+ years of experience and award-winning technical expertise. A wide net of connections with a strong reputation, rapport and trust from top governing bodies of tennis across the globe.

Tailored, hands-on client experience customized to customer type, budget and desired outcomes

Demonstrated history of results optimizing career pathways for coaches and players from the collegiate level to the pro tour

Why SETS Consulting?

As time passes and we progress in our careers, so does the demand to increase results, productivity, happiness and the knowledge of how it can all be possible. At SETS Consulting, we pride ourselves on having the ability to connect, teach, coach, develop and most importantly improve our customers’ lives. We love to be partners in success stories. Helping coaches see a different view when working with players, helping players understand their potential and helping teaching staffs and employees maximize their enjoyment and results.

Why We Do It

Simply put, better people make better products. Better coaches have the capability of making better players, and better players have the power to gain better results. Everybody wins. SETS Consulting envisions a rapidly changing tennis and business environment where you need a team and strong support staff to help achieve your dreams. There’s a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.” SETS Consulting wants to be on your team.

How We Do It

SETS Consulting sets you up so you can set yourself apart. We can provide you with the assessment, information, guidance, action plan and hands on consulting that you or your team requires to be at their best. With four decades of experience in teaching, coaching and educational sectors we have a proven track record of success and an impeccable industry reputation of making a significant and positive difference in the skillsets, careers and lives of those we have partnered with.

Read what players, coaches and former students are saying about SETS Consulting and CEO Kyle LaCroix.

Client Testimonial

“SETS Consulting is a wonderful service led by one of the best people I’ve had the fortune of meeting through tennis. Kyle LaCroix has the knowledge, temperament and intuitive coaching skills to connect with any coach and any player and make them better. He has helped me with structuring ideas and methods as well as give me the peace of mind on formulating strategies. His dedication and passion for the sport is contagious. He is professional, sincere and skilled at what he does. I truly wish I had him and SETS Consulting in my corner when I competed on the tour.” Julian Alonso – ATP Player from Spain, Davis Cup, ATP/WTA Tour Coach

Client Testimonial

“Having known Kyle for some time now, I can’t think of anyone else who is more passionate, dedicated and driven. Kyle is the ultimate professional who leads with the highest standards in all he does. He is someone I would recommend without hesitation.” Alistair McCaw – Best Selling Author, Speaker, Expert in Leadership, Team Culture & Elite Performance.

Client Testimonial

“I have known Kyle for a while now. He was one of my coach facilitators for the Pro U ATP Course during the Miami Open. We have remained friends ever since. His passion, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm for the game of tennis is unlike anyone else.
His love of tennis is unique, it’s great to be around him.” Cyril Saulnier – Top 50 ATP Tour Player and WTA/ATP Coach

Client Testimonial

“Kyle is one of the hardest working and thoughtful people I have ever met. Kyle has been mentoring me on and off the court for 8 years. His attention to detail and passion SETS Consulting brings to the sport is unparalleled. I am forever grateful for his mentorship and selflessness to my tennis and personal development.” Alex Rotsaert – Top 50 ITF Junior, NCAA Athlete, Stanford University

Client Testimonial

“Kyle LaCroix is a dedicated and passionate tennis professional who truly makes a difference in the tennis industry. He participates in our organization’s adaptive programs and special events. Kyle demonstrates great integrity, strength, understanding, patience and empathy for the children and adults on the Autism Spectrum. He is a natural leader and the program participants and their families respect him at the utmost level. I highly recommend Kyle and SETS Consulting for your services and Love Serving Autism is very appreciative for his unyielding support.” Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix – Founder & CEO, Love Serving Autism

Client Testimonial

“Kyle is the most dedicated professional that I have ever met. He is always there to help and go above and beyond. He never does things half way and gets results! I cannot recommend enough the professional, the human and the mentor to so many. I am privileged to be able to call Kyle a friend and fortunate to have him helped my son’s development.” Jean-Marc Rotsaert – Chief Executive Officer, Sun Orchard LLC

Client Testimonial

“Kyle possesses a dynamic mix of personality, solid business acumen, a strong background in sports management (particularly tennis) with a knack for working directly with customers in a way that achieves success but is also effective and enjoyable. Sharp, dynamic, witty and extremely passionate about his craft, I highly recommend any of Kyle’s services if you are looking for a great experience and stellar results from someone who is a master-class in his trade.” Anne Smudz – Ferris State University, Professional Tennis Management Graduate, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Client Testimonial

“What sets Kyle and SETS Consulting apart from everyone else is his ability to collectively apply his knowledge to any situation necessary to ensure the highest level explanation based on thoroughly researched data. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport is unlike anyone else I have ever worked with and I’m honored and fortunate to have met someone so dedicated.” Costin Paval – ATP Tour Player, USPTA Certified Tennis Professional, University of Oklahoma Varsity Tennis Player, NCAA All-American

Client Testimonial

“I started following Kyle through his great articles he writes for and I took an immediate interest in his teaching style and ability to connect with his students. I was so impressed that I invited him to my home club Lugano, Switzerland for a one-week training block. Apart from being himself an excellent player, he was very knowledgeable as a tennis teacher and an academic. He was friendly, enthusiastic, motivating and knew how to improve the intricacies of my technique. His love of the game is contagious.” Phil Picuri – Private Client

Client Testimonial

“Kyle is an incredible student of the game of tennis. SETS is an incredible resource for all coaches and all players worldwide.” John Yandell – Founder of

Kyle LaCroix

Kyle LaCroix

Chief Education Officer

Dedicated. Respected. Execution and Experience Driven. Results inevitable…

Welcome To SETS - Specialized Educational Tennis Solutions

SETS Consulting specializes in coach development and educational growth.

The financial investment, time commitment and energy expenditure for "player development" by federations is enormous. For coaches it's much less. Let's not overlook the importance of development and education for those responsible for the past, current and future champions and lifelong players of the sport.

Our system make learning tennis fun and easy. Try it and you'll see why SETS helps set you up for success. Click here to learn more about Kyle's experience and education.

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