Setting You Up

There is no shortcut to long-term athletic development

Optimizing the technical, tactical, mental and physical development of athletes is the best investment we can make in their future as players and outstanding citizens in the community long after they leave our care.

- SETS Consulting

Educational Curriculum for Federations/National Coaching Staff/Teams
Tennis players training, running to touch cones, while coach instructs them.
Federations and Coaching Associations

The educational curriculum consulting offered by SETS and their team of world class partners provide individualized solutions, coach development and awareness for federations, national coaching staffs and certified tennis teachers under the federation’s jurisdiction. Those federations, tennis teaching associations and academies that are looking to improve the coach/player dynamic and understand and successfully apply effective coach development methodologies and environments to their members.

Professional & College Coaches and Staff

We offer consulting and advisory on teaching methods, message resonance, building stronger relationships, training practices, talent development. 

Corporate Growth and Engagement

Partnership with corporations both large and small to aid in their company culture, thought processes and overall well-being using proven principles from tennis and educational sectors.

Coach Development Specific Consulting
Coach throwing tennis ball up in the air for player to hit and practive
Touring Coach

Consultant and trusted advisory services for coaches looking for another set of eyes, relationship establishment with new player. Fresh ideas and innovation for long term partnerships. Assistance and consulting in data analysis and implementation.

Academy/Club Staff Professional

Advisory on best practices. Career guidance and mentoring. Job Search. Student analysis. live educational feeds and troubleshooting.

Independent Teaching Professional

Advisory on business building, growth and implementation of best practices. Data sharing and analysis. Student analysis. Live educational feeds and troubleshooting.

Player Development Specific Consulting
Coach instructing player on how to server properly

Work directly with or assist in the developmental path of the athlete through training, competing and full periodization cycle. Provide with insights, data, analysis as well as implementation of new and/or work in progress concepts.

Individual/Private Clients

Personalized analysis of their game. Full communication of their intended goals and a framework on how to reach and exceed them. Private consultation and coaching on location of their preference and availability.

Staff/Team Development Facilitation
Staff training on new tennis skills
Club/Academy Staff

SWOT Analysis. Train, develop, facilitate appropriate coaching methods. Reiterate club policies/culture. Creation of synergy amongst staff. Implementation of SOP for better utilization, purpose and engagement.

Corporate Staff

Facilitate a forward focused, people driven, value centered approach to aid in development. Applying sports specific training methods.

Convention/Conference Speaking Engagements/Keynote
Kyle LaCroix speaking at a convention for tennis instruction
Teaching Conferences/Coaching Conventions
Full presentations featuring on court and off court presentations. Kyle has presented to groups of 10 people to 1,000 people.

Popular Topics include:

  • Loser’s Edge: Why Success and high performance lies in the dichotomy of Failure.
  • Serve & Volley: Learn it, teach it, play it.
  • Teaching Principles 101: What every new professional needs to know
  • Understanding and Adapting to Young Athletes
  • 7 Skills to Survive as a Tennis Professional and Develop Your Human Potential
  • Living The Dream: Why a career in The Tennis Industry Sets You on Your Course

Topics that can be created for any size groups

  • Avoiding The 3 Biggest Regrets of Tennis Professionals
  • What You Can Learn and Gain from Various Industries to Help Your Career.
  • Games and Drills that showcase the player, not the hitter.
  • Teaching Principles that every coach needs to know.
  • The Coach/Player Connection
  • What I learned From My Worst Decisions as a Teaching Tennis Professional.
  • Coaching in the Future
Technical/Industry Expert Analyst For Media
Kyle LaCroix speaking at Media event

Tennis Consultancy. Technical Analysis for TV, movies, commercials. Industry expert in the field of club culture, tennis teaching and coaching presence and personality.

Expert Witness

Expertise in tennis teaching culture, coach methodology and development, tennis history.

Club/Facility Maximization Consulting
Coach instructing staff on how to properly employ teaching techniques to club members
Private Clubs

Program design, curriculum and implementation. Utilization and maximization of facilities. Facility design and improvements.

Municipal Facilities

Staff SOP training. Operational audit. Program design, curriculum and implementation. Cooperate and organize with city or district for short term and long term planning.

Instructor researching the best method for stringing a tennis racket

Studied and trained at two of the leading research universities in the world. Specializes in Quantitative, Fundamental and applied research.

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